1. Spring Countdown/2014 Spring Trends

    February 6, 2014 by Kim


    Ok I am officially OVER WINTER  and counting down to Spring, I am in Indianapolis and we have had more snow this winter than we have had all last winter already and more snow is on the way. With that being said I am totally about to start spring shopping. I have already started planning outfits in my head and looking forward to a few of the 2014 Spring Trends.

    The top Three trends I am loving are:


    1.Pastels- Love color blocking with pastels

    1366922674_pic_5462_1348472106                              9                    pastels


    2. Tea Length Skirts-Love Love these so lady like, I have a few of these in the closet can’t wait to start pairing these up for spring.

    th (1)       th (2)th (3)th (4)


    3. Wide Legged Trousers- I have always loved wide legged pants, and they have never went out of style in my book. I can’t wait to pick up a few pair in some bold colors.

    th (5)                         th (6)



    What trends are you liking?

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  2. Ready, Set, Go!! 2014 Goals

    January 6, 2014 by Kim

    Goal Setting

    Although I am consistently working on goals and did not wait for 2014 to come in to get started. I am very excited about what the new year will bring. I have very HIGH expectations for this year and am working on some life changing goals that will not only affect me but the lives of others.

    I know that at this time of year there is a lot of  information on goal setting techniques, worksheets, workshop, webinars and more so I don’t want  to talk about the specifics for obtaining goals a quick google search will help you out there.

    achieving goals, goal setting,When it comes to reaching goals there can be so many ups and downs and distractions that can hinder you. I want to talk to you about my personal commitments for 2014. I believe with this type of mindset and commitment that I will not only reach my goals but exceed them. The sky is the limit!!!

    They are very simple:

    1. Stay focused- Let no one or no circumstance get in my way.

    2. Excuses are unacceptable-I must be determined to do what is necessary to make it happen no matter what.

    3. Strive for excellence- Giving my absolute best in every area,  as a mother, as a wife, and every other responsibility that I have.

    4. Continuous improvement- Never settle at my current level of existence but to continue to learn, grow, and challenge myself.

    5. All Action-Often times we talk talk talk talk about what we want to do and there is very little action that follows I will be doing very little talking just Doing!

    I would like to share an example of a recent situation that came up: I set a ministry goal for a department that I am over at church, and as I began to take small baby steps toward what I would like to achieve literally people started making a gazillion reasons as to why I couldn’t or why they couldn’t etc… and within myself I said I will not be moved by these circumstances or excuses and came home and had a personal brainstorming  session and came up with another solution and proceeded again and I am pleased to announce that we accomplished phase 1 of the project and we have a lot more to do, but what if I would of gave up at the beginning because of the naysayers the whole project would of been a bust.

    goal setting, goal setting activities, goal setting worksheeet

    So let me encourage you in achieving your 2014 Goals:

    1. Make a personal commitment to yourself.

    2. Under no circumstances GIVE UP  even if you slip up on your diet or whatever KEEP GOING!!

    3. Have a dogmatic attitude when it comes to your goals. (Its my way or the highway!) (Game on!)

    Finally, the question to myself and to you is  “WHO IS GOING TO STOP YOU FROM ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS”?

    Answer: Nobody but you!!!!!!

    I would love to hear what some of your 2014 Goals are, Will this be one of the Best years of your Life? How do you stay on track for accomplishing your goals?

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  3. Merry Christmas

    December 23, 2013 by Kim


    Wishing all of my Fashionista’s a Very Merry Christmas

    From My Family to Yours!

    I hope that you receive all of the shoes, clothes, accessories, make up and MONEY that your heart desires. Lol

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