Outfit of the Day!!

November 6, 2013 by Kim

In today’s outfit of the day, I have been trying to add more denim that FIT in my wardrobe and to my surprise I found these at rue 21. for $4 my logic was simple if they don’t fit they were only $4 I will donate them. Surprisingly they fit even though they have that awful gap in the back, I have been grabbing for these everyday. I am also wearing this fabulous vintage pussy bow blouse with this unique quilted black handbag with gold hardware(LOVE IT). You know the drill, Yes it was thrifted!! Lol

outfit of the day







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  1. Angee Wells says:

    that purse!

  2. MizT says:

    Luv this look! Dat top super cute, feeln da boots as well

  3. Sheila says:

    Love the look. That blouse! Congratulations on your blog. The layout is good. Keep posting!

  4. I love pussybow blouses. That’s a great one! You look fabulous!

    • Kim says:

      Thank you and Thanks for visiting my blog, I am a 5 day old blogging newbie still trying to figure out how all this works. I enjoyed visiting your blog and definitely will be following you on bloglovin:)

  5. Latoya says:

    Love the blouse. I have always been afraid of prints but may have to step out the box.

  6. You look amazing and I am loving this look. Specially that blouse!

  7. Christina Ferguson says:

    Love the whole outfit, you look fabulous. I would kill for the boots and purse.

  8. ahhhsoneo says:

    Your make-up looks amazing, can you do closer shots and/or a tutorial of this look? Thank you.

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